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Did you know you could copy article links by clicking on the paper clip icon next to the article title, as shown below?

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This feature, which was only available for a few articles previously, has now been made available across all articles on Zendy! You can also share this copied link via email or on social media to let others (if they are also a Zendy user and the content is accessible in their country) easily access the link or save the link in a document for your own future use. Do note that due to this sitewide update, all links for articles that you may have previously copied are now redirecting to a new URL. 

How to retrieve the updated URL for the previously copied links?

One way is to copy the ISBN/ISSN in your old article URL and paste it in the search field in Zendy and then search using the ISBN/ISSN filter. To find the ISBN/ISSN, see the below sample URL in which it has been made bold:

After searching for the ISBN/ISSN on Zendy, the article title you had originally copied the link of should appear on the top in the search results. If the title doesn’t appear or you’re not able to decode the old URL for your title – then, no worries, just send us the old URL via our Contact us form and we will get back to you with the new URL. 😊 

Hope you find this new feature useful on your journey of discovery!


Top 5 downloaded articles of March 2020

Zendy is a one-stop destination for access to academic literature covering an exciting range of topics such as engineering, medicine, technology, and more! For those with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, why not delve into the top downloaded articles by our Zendy Plus users?

A baby sleeping on a white sheet.

1) Sleep medicine

Sleep is an activity that is exhibited by virtually all animal species, but our understanding of its true function remains unclear. What is better understood are the effects on a range of human and animal biological systems when sleep is degraded or reduced. These effects are observed in the form of sleep loss and sleep disorders. This eBook describes the basic physiology of sleep and the range of sleep disorders and their consequences.

Continue reading here:

Stack of antique books.

2) Ethos and narrative interpretation: The negotiation of values in fiction

“Ethos and Narrative Interpretation” examines the fruitfulness of the concept of ethos for the theory and analysis of literary narrative. The notion of ethos refers to the broadly persuasive effects of the image one may have of a speaker’s psychology, world view, and emotional or ethical stance. How and why do readers attribute an ethos to literary characters, narrators, and even to authors?

Continue reading here:

crumpled pieces of paper and a lightbulb.

3) Emergent success factors for entrepreneurial e-media companies

The study investigates the factors that positively influence the efficacy of e-media business models. Taking into consideration the existing literature that mentions the ineffectiveness of the subscription model, it attempts to investigate new factors that contribute to the success of e-media business models. These factors are specific content, innovation, multiple revenue sources, interactivity and media brand communities.

Continue reading here:

Line drawing of two mean talking to each other.

4) The discourse studies reader: Main currents in theory and analysis

Discourse studies is an interdisciplinary field studying the social production of meaning across the entire spectrum of the social sciences and humanities. The “Discourse Studies Reader” brings together 40 key readings from discourse researchers in Europe and North America, some of which are now translated into English for the first time.

Continue reading here:

The Eiffel Tower amongst buildings.

5) The internationalization of commercial real estate markets in France and Germany

This paper investigates the internationalization of the commercial real estate markets of France and Germany, which are typically ignored in comparative political economy. Although both markets are embedded in Continental European capitalism, their trajectories of internationalization vary. Exploring processes of internationalization, it also shows how these processes have played out in the commercial real estate markets of France and Germany.

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Access these articles and more on Zendy Plus – your gateway to knowledge and discovery! Zendy Plus is now available in Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, and the UAE.


The buzzworthy backstory of Zendy’s new look!

Closeup of a bee on a sunflower.

Zendy has a beautiful new look that went live in March – the month of reading! The vibrant new design reflects Zendy’s personality aptly and promises a smoother journey for the user.

As you may have noticed, Zendy’s new look revolves around a bee. What inspired us to go with the bee?

Bees have fascinated researchers for decades. They have excellent communication and social learning skills and are capable of incredibly complex behaviors. Pollinating bees are one of the vital reasons behind flourishing plant communities, agricultural production, carbon cycling, and many other essential services to our environment that we often fail to notice.

Similarly, Zendy’s purpose is to foster communication and encourage collaborative efforts among researchers and leaders worldwide. With more than 120,000 publications, Zendy is on track with its goal to pollinate the world with knowledge and become the ultimate digital library!

Sign up today and stay tuned for a dose of Zendy’s nectar of knowledge!


Top 5 downloaded articles of February 2020

Zendy boasts a wealth of information across subjects such as science, medicine, technology, and more. Which topics resonated with our audience the most? Here are the top downloaded articles by Zendy Plus users in February 2020:

1) Hydraulic engineering: Fundamental concepts

“Hydraulic Engineering: Fundamental Concepts” includes hydraulic processes with corresponding systems and devices. The hydraulic processes include the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and pressurized pipe flow systems. This book illustrates the use of appropriate pipeline networks along with various devices like pumps, valves, and turbines. The knowledge of these processes and devices is extended to design, analysis and implementation. Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

2) Investment in peer review is an investment in the future of nursing

Peer review is an impartial mechanism designed to scrutinize and examine the rigor of research and scholarly publications. In practice disciplines such as nursing, participation in the peer review process is especially important to ensure that we practice and teach according to the best available evidence. In an earlier opinion editorial, El-Masri (2011) had addressed the issue of sustaining quality peer review. Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

3) Water: The final resource; How the politics of water will impact on the world

Up to the turn of the century, the world’s population had grown with water abundant in most developing countries. Then everything changed. Ocean oscillations (which affect the weather patterns) have altered, leading to droughts in areas that were expecting rain, and flooding for those previously anticipating arid conditions. The result is that around a fifth of the world’s population will receive much less rain than expected. What effect will this have? Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

4) Integrated conflict management systems pay off with lower levels of formal grievances and lower turnover rates

The authors investigate survey and personnel file data from 5,456 individuals from 2003 to 2010 and test key predictions of Integrated Conflict Management Systems (ICMS) theory. They find that employees whose managers provide high-quality conflict management interviews (CMIs) have a lower likelihood of formal grievances, significantly more perceptions of participative department culture, and lower turnover rates. Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

5) The secret life of the sun

This basic story is what science has told for decades: solar birth, a dreary stretch of time and then genesis. But powerful new space telescopes and the burgeoning field of “cosmochemistry,” as well as genealogy techniques borrowed from biology, are enabling astronomers to write a much richer and more complex biography for the sun. The universe may have innumerable stars, but we can know only one intimately. Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

Access these articles and more on Zendy Plus – your gateway to knowledge and discovery! Zendy Plus is now available in Algeria, Jordan, Morocco and the UAE.


United in knowledge: Zendy launches in the UAE

A man holding up the UAE flag with the Dubai skyline in the background.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, 1st March, 2020: A new age of exploration dedicated to those seeking knowledge! Academic content is more accessible than ever with the birth of Zendy, now launched in the United Arab Emirates.

From gravitational waves to Middle Eastern archaeology, users in the UAE can now explore an incredible array of scholarly publications.

Zendy celebrates the Month of Reading with a UAE launch of over 120,000 publications across all disciplines and joins UAE with the vision of building a more sustainable model for reading in our societies.

Whether you are a leader, manager or entrepreneur, health and fitness enthusiast, number crunching banker or just buzzing to learn, there is something for everyone on Zendy!

A new way to research and discover

Zendy is not merely a digital library, it is equipped with a myriad of filters and tools that allow users to save searches, export citations and navigate easily according to publisher, date, subject, language, source and more. It breaks down the barriers of extortionate paywalls by providing affordable access to full-text publications with no download limitations.

“We are extremely excited to launch Zendy in the UAE, where it all began for us. The seeds of many great ideas are now at your fingertips. Zendy aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge that nourishes innovation.” – Founder and CEO of Knowledge E, Kamran R. Kardan.

To celebrate Zendy’s launch, all UAE users will receive a 30% discount on the monthly plan and a 50% discount on the annual plan as part of the introductory offer (valid for a limited period)!

United in knowledge. United in the UAE.

About Zendy

Zendy is an online platform that aims to innovatively facilitate access to academic literature. It addresses the key challenges that we face with conventional ways of finding high-quality and relevant, academic content. Current online scholarly libraries exist behind expensive paywalls or require university facilitated access. For developing countries, it can be difficult to access academic publications if they cannot afford the subscriptions. Zendy serves to provide knowledge to everyone, everywhere.

Zendy is developed by Knowledge E in a growing collaboration with researchers, students, institutions and publishers. Join us on the journey of scholarly discovery, and reach out to us if you share the same vision and would like to contribute in any way.

Zendy is now available in Algeria, Jordan, Morocco and the UAE with the rest of Africa and Middle East to follow in 2020.

About Knowledge E

Established in 2012, Knowledge E’s name was fast to become synonymous with collaboration, professionalism and innovation. Head-quartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and supported by a team of 30 highly engaged professionals, Knowledge E works closely with over 100 clients world-wide from various types of organisations and government entities within the research and education sector to support their continued innovation and development. This is achieved by providing leading expertise, information resources and software solutions.

Since its inception, Knowledge E has prudently expanded its expertise, services and technology in line with its vision of developing ‘a more knowledgeable world’. Knowledge E’s three core offerings are the 3D’s; ‘Discover’, ‘Develop’ and ‘Disseminate’. ‘Discover’ through the KnE Digital Library Solutions powered by Zendy for research literature discovery, as well as tailored content packages; ‘Develop’ through the KnE Learning Programmes, supporting capacity building and skills development within academia as well as the KnE Consulting Projects, serving universities on their mission to become ‘world-class universities’; and ‘Disseminate’ through the KnE Publishing Services and the platform for Open Access publishing of regional journals and conference proceedings.


Top 5 downloaded articles of January 2020

ZendyPlus covers content across all disciplines and is suitable for all academic and non-academic professionals, students, and knowledge enthusiasts or anyone looking for evidence to back their research!

Here are the top downloaded articles by ZendyPlus users in January 2020:

1. Water: Towards a culture of responsibility

Clean, fresh drinking water is essential to human and animal life. It’s equally important to the world economy: it functions as a universal solvent, makes possible industrial cooling and transportation, and is necessary for all kinds of agriculture. Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia Water, takes us on a tour of the world’s waters, of our water. Lack of clean water kills 2.2 million people every year, and nearly 1 billion people do not have reliable access to clean drinking water. Continue reading on ZendyPlus:

2. Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus transmission

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection causes a spectrum of respiratory illness, from asymptomatic to mild to fatal. MERS-CoV is transmitted sporadically from dromedary camels to humans and occasionally through human-to-human contact. Current epidemiologic evidence supports a major role in transmission for direct contact with live camels or humans with symptomatic MERS, but little evidence suggests the possibility of transmission from camel products or asymptomatic MERS cases. Continue reading on ZendyPlus:

3. Cultural dialectics in international teamwork dynamics

Some people see multinational collaboration as a problem, while others see it as an opportunity. Intercultural teamwork involves a dynamic push-pull tension between diversity and unity which places its study solidly within a dialectic perspective. In-depth interviews were conducted with 27 individuals, from various industries, who held management or supervisory positions, worked on multinational teams, and spent time working abroad. Continue reading on ZendyPlus:

4. Mindfulness improves verbal learning and memory through enhanced encoding

Mindfulness is a state of being characterized by present moment awareness of the unfolding of experience in a nonreactive way. Recent research has begun to demonstrate the effectiveness of mindfulness in improving certain cognitive abilities, including verbal learning and memory. However, no research has investigated the potential mechanism by which mindfulness may improve verbal learning and memory. Continue reading on ZendyPlus:

5. The secret life of the sun

Astronomers know that in about five billion years, the sun will burn through its hydrogen supply and begin to cool, ballooning into a swollen behemoth whose outer edges might swallow our planet. However, they are still learning how the sun’s death rattle will influence the interstellar medium (the gas and dust that fills the space between stars), the makeup of future stars and the galaxy as a whole. Continue reading on ZendyPlus:

Zendy has now made scholarly discovery readily available in Jordan, with Morocco Tunisia and Algeria to follow in the first quarter of 2020.


Improved user profile

With today’s release, your user profile has been extended to include information on your role, main area of interest and your country of residence. This may seem like a small thing, but will enable us in a later step to serve you much more relevant content and recommendations.

Your user profile becomes through this release also an important instrument for us to prioritise what content to add, and what features to focus on to provide you with a continuously improved experience when using Zendy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions!


Beta-release of Zendy offering academics free and easy access to over 100 million publications

Frankfurt Book Fair – FRANKFURT, Germany, 11th October 2018 – Zendy has been created with the aim to radically facilitate access to academic literature; it sees the light today in the form of a beta release. Zendy has been developed by Knowledge E in a growing collaboration with academic researchers, students, institutions and publishers.

“By addressing the key challenges that we face through traditional ways of accessing academic literature, Zendy serves to provide peace of mind, a zen day, for all researchers and students”, says Kamran Kardan, CEO at Knowledge E.

Many academics feel the opposite of zen on most days – overwhelmed by the sheer availability of knowledge hidden in not-so-easily-accessible nooks and crannies of the vast body of academic publishing output, unable to retrieve just that one piece of available quality research that solves a problem, enables a discovery, enlightens a hungry mind, broadens horizons, opens new doors and – a bit further down the line – changes the world for the better. Pitfalls are plenty, many of which revolve around discoverability, reliability and trustworthiness of sources.

Martin Jagerhorn, Chief Innovation Officer at Knowledge E, outlines the objectives of Zendy in more detail. “We have set out to ensure that Zendy provides an outstanding user experience. Typically, there is a complex path towards the full text – going across different sites and several clicks before you can finally download the full-text article. Our ambition is to ensure that the full-text material can be accessed directly for all articles on Zendy. Currently, we have only achieved this for a small fraction of the publication records.”

Dr. Tanguy Pierog, who is a Particle Physics Researcher at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and a part of the beta users providing input to the development process, explains that: “You feel that this new service has been designed in close collaboration with the research community. Zendy is already incredibly intuitive and easy to use, and will save us valuable time for accessing relevant literature and let us focus more on the actual research.”

Furthermore, the content will be reviewed based on a set of quality criteria to ensure that it is reliable and of high quality, in particular, making sure that there will be no content from any predatory publishers. This is a major undertaking, which will take time before it becomes available on Zendy, but it will be crucial for researchers and students to fully trust the content and be able to progress their work more effectively.

The third pillar of Zendy, next to an outstanding user experience and high-quality content, is to offer an affordable access to paid content. While the Open Access material will stay free for everyone on Zendy, the ambition is to enable anyone to access paid content for a modest subscription fee through Zendy Premium. Martin adds: “We invite all publishers to join the collaboration to support the vision for Zendy as we believe this will be important to academics globally, but particularly in developing countries, where universities commonly cannot afford to subscribe to many of the key databases required for quality research and studies. Zendy will in this way facilitate the democratization of access to knowledge, which we know is key to learning”.

Even without the paid content, Zendy realizes the dormant power in openly accessible research that might not quite have made its way to end users in all its vastness until now. Already containing more than 100 million publications from over 20,000 peer-reviewed journals, Zendy channels this impressive quantity of data to anyone and anywhere, and to be consumed online or be downloaded.

Sign up on Zendy and explore the service today!

About Knowledge E

Established in 2012, Knowledge E’s name was fast to become synonymous with collaboration, professionalism and innovation. Head-quartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and supported by a team of 30 highly engaged professionals, Knowledge E works passionately with all types of organisations and government entities within the research and education sector to support their continued innovation and development by providing them with leading expertise, information resources and software solutions. Knowledge E’s three core offerings are the 3D’s; ‘Discover’, ‘Develop’ and ‘Disseminate’. ‘Discover’ through the KnE Digital Library Solutions for research literature discovery, ‘Develop’ through the KnE Learning Services, supporting capacity building and skills development within academia and ‘Disseminate’ through the KnE Publishing Services and the platform for Open Access publishing and indexing of regional journals and conference proceedings.


Save your searches and reuse any time

Today another feature has been released on Zendy to enable you to personalise your experience. Based on the input from beta-users on desired personalisation, the ability to save the own searches was given a high priority.

This means that you now can save any combinations of search terms and filters, and reuse those search criteria quickly and easily. Carry out your search, and simply click ‘Save search’. You can save as many searches as you like, and access the list of saved searches by clicking ‘View saved searches’.

We’d love to hear from you what you think about this feature. Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts with us!


Cite and export your references

All users can now easily export the reference for any of the items on Zendy in BibTeX format. This is the most commonly supported format by reference management tools like Mendeley, RefWorks and EndNote, and it is therefore very straightforward to add references from Zendy into essentially any reference management tool.

At the same time, we have also added the possibility to export references in the most common citation formats, including Harvard, Vancouver, APA 6th edition and MLA 7th edition. This serves to facilitate when creating reading and reference lists.

Both the export and citation capabilities were highly prioritized by the test users that are contributing to developing Zendy’s roadmap. Feel free to contact us and let us know what you think!