Zendy Works with Universities to Provide Alumni with Access to Research

Dubai 24th of November 2021 – As part of our mission to democratise access to scholarly research, Zendy works with universities to provide alumni with discounted access to Zendy Plus plans. American University of Sharjah (AUS) is providing its 18,000 alumni with discounted access to Zendy Plus.

For many alumni and graduates worldwide, obtaining access to scholarly content after graduation has remained a challenge. Often, access to multiple databases is still available for individuals to use on-campus; however, off-campus access to academic resources and research is scarcely provided by universities after graduation. Since many alumni relocate after finishing their studies, restricted (on-campus) access is inconvenient. More universities have started investing in facilitating off-campus access to scholarly resources, allowing more graduates to stay engaged and immersed in the newest discoveries within their professional fields.

As a subscription-based online platform and digital library, Zendy offers access to millions of scholarly publications. Zendy’s mission is to build a world without scholarly barriers and help individuals gain easy and affordable access to all types of content, from academic literature and research to journals, magazines, and news articles. The new collaboration between AUS, as well as other universities in the region, and Zendy will grant AUS alumni access to the Zendy Plus yearly plan at a reduced fee.

American University of Sharjah has long been regarded as a leader in higher education and research in the region. AUS’ efforts to promote access to high-quality research and publications to its students even after graduation are commendable. This will enable its alumni, experts, and professionals to stay up to date within their fields and remain informed about the latest advancements across different industries and disciplines.

CEO and Founder of Zendy, Kamran Kardan, commented, “We are pleased and proud to be assisting the American University of Sharjah in promoting and advancing knowledge in the region, and look forward to more long-term collaborations with universities whose educational values, similar to AUS, continuously place their students’ development at the heart of their institutional efforts”.

This promotion will be available to AUS alumni until the end of March 2022.

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