Top 5 reads of September 2020

The usual back-to-school season that September brings has been in flux this year!

With the future being so uncertain, now is an excellent time to spend a few hours with a compelling new read. Whether you’re looking to learn something new, or just to stay distracted during these strange times, here are Zendy’s top 5 downloaded articles and e-books in September: 

Patient going into a MRI device.

1) MRI: The Basics (e-Book)

‘MRI: The Basics’ offers an excellent introduction to the physics behind MR imaging. It covers everything from basic principles and key math concepts to more advanced topics, including the latest MR techniques and optimum image creation. With hundreds of high-quality illustrations, board-style questions and answers, legible equations, and instructive diagrams, this e-book takes you from the basics of MR physics through current applications.

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A model of the ear, nose and throat structure.

2) Bullet Points in ENT: Postgraduate and Exit Exam Preparation (e-Book)

This e-book is a complete guide for postgraduate and exit exam candidates studying otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. It covers the full range of topics in the modern ENT syllabus in bite-sized chapters so that trainees can easily learn and retain key information. It also offers a valuable overview of otolaryngology for trainees specialised in plastic surgery, audiology and speech-language pathology.

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A teacher assisting a child to paint in a nursery.

3) Self Development for Early Years Managers (e-Book)

Interested in early years management? This e-book is a must-have for students, assessors and nursery nurses with an interest in career development into management. Tracking the career development of a nursery nurse into a managerial role, this e-book offers advice on what is expected in a managerial role, whilst also providing case-studies to challenge readers to develop their own views. 

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A lady viewing an online class or webinar on a laptop with several participants.

4) Common Challenges for Instructors in Large Online Courses: Strategies to Mitigate Student and Instructor Frustration (Journal article)

It is no surprise that the number of students enrolling in online courses has grown substantially recently. Using examples from large online classes and the existing research on best practices in online education, this article discusses the common challenges instructors of high-enrolment online courses (70+ students) are facing. How can we minimise these challenges and increase instructional effectiveness? 

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A girl with a laptop in front of the Big Ben in London.

5) British Cultural Studies: An Introduction (e-Book)

In his e-book, Graeme Turner provides an exciting introduction to the body of communications theory known as British cultural studies. Beginning with a history of cultural studies, Turner transforms a complex field into coherent knowledge. He explores central themes like language, semiotics, Marxism and ideology, individualism, subjectivity and discourse and raises new questions about citizenship, consumerism, identity and politics. 

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Top 5 reads of August 2020

It’s the start of the new academic year!

Looking for cutting-edge research to advance in your field of study? Zendy is a huge library equipped with an exciting range of resources. Whether you’re looking to uncover the secrets behind wildlife behaviour, or curious about the history of electrical engineering – Zendy has it all!

Here are Zendy’s top 5 reads in August. Ready to dive in?

Test tube with plant samples.

1) Biotechnology: Health, Food, Energy and Environment Applications (e-Book)

Are you interested in exploring novel ideas or innovative solutions? At its simplest, biotechnology is all about harnessing nature’s processes to develop new technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. Peering behind the scenes, this e-book explores the multiple products and processes hidden in the rich genome of microbes, plants and animals.

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2) Design and Technology (e-Book)

Teaching design and technology? This is the perfect resource for teachers who are looking to teach their students more about designing and technical principles and a broad range of design processes, materials techniques and equipment. It also provides teaching and practical guidance, including lesson plans, and strategies to help teachers deliver the specification. 

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A field of crop plants on soil.

3) Quantitative and Qualitative Response of Wheat to Pseudomonas Fluorescens Rhizobacteria Application (Journal article)

Rhizobacteria have been used to increase the growth, yield, and stress tolerance of crop plants. This study investigated the effect of pseudomonas fluorescens rhizobacteria on the yield components, grain quality and nutritional elements in wheat and soil. What was the effect of rhizobacteria on soil productivity? Was there a significant difference in the nutritional quality of the grains? 

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Antique film-making device.

4) Museum Movies: The Museum of Modern Art and the Birth of Art Cinema (e-Book)

Interested in film historiography? In her e-book, Haidee Wasson provides a rich cultural history of the cinema’s transformation from a passing amusement to an enduring art form. Wasson reveals how New York’s Museum of Modern Art played a significant role in transforming film culture during the interwar years. Why do people watch old films? What is a film museum?

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A person filling out an invoice form.

5) Corporate Debt Maturity and Acquisition Decisions (Journal article)

Looking to learn more about corporate debt? This article provides an empirical analysis of the effects of corporate debt maturity on firms’ acquisition decisions. What is the relationship between debt maturity and acquisition propensity? How does the dispersion of debt maturities impact capital structures?

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Top 5 downloaded articles of July 2020

Are you looking to open your mind and expand your knowledge? This month, dive into the world of health policy; uncover the impact of sewage sludge; explore the relationship between flow and your emotions; discover the benefits of fungus and go behind the scenes of SMS spam! Here are Zendy’s top 5 downloaded articles and e-books in July:

doctor's stethoscope on a blue background.

1) Introduction to Health Policy

Are you interested in health policymaking, critical health policy issues, or international perspectives on health policy? In his recent e-book, Leiyu Shi takes a unique perspective by integrating all these topics into this one of a kind e-book. Drawing on real-world cases and examples to reinforce theories and concepts, this is your go-to resource for a comprehensive and refreshing introduction to health policy. 

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Sewage sludge in a wastewater treatment plant.

2) Sewage Sludge: Assessment, Treatment and Environmental Impact

What is sewage sludge, you ask? We asked ourselves this exact question! Sewage sludge is the product resulting from wastewater treatment plants and aquaculture systems. With insights from experts, this comprehensive e-book presents an assessment of the impact of sewage sludge on the environment and the various treatment options for converting the sludge into useful resources.

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A young Asian girl meditating.

3) Flow in the Health Sciences for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

In his e-book, Kazuki Hirao explores the connection between flow (or the mental state of becoming fully immersed in an activity) with a diverse range of physical and mental conditions. Through a critical discussion of recent clinical research, Hirao outlines the relationships between flow and emotional issues such as guilt, shyness, stress, and optimism. What are the health benefits associated with flow?

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arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus

4) Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus Improves Rhizobium–Glycyrrhiza Seedling Symbiosis under Drought Stress

Did you know that arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus can create a symbiotic relationship between a plant and a fungus so that both organisms benefit from the interaction? Liquorice plants are widely used as medicinal herbs or supplements. However, drought stress and nutrient deficiency often limit the growth and production of liquorice seedling cultivation. Can mycorrhizae fungus potentially alleviate the abiotic stress on liquorice?

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A man using a blue smartphone.

5) A Prototype Scalable System for Secured Bulk SMS Delivery on Mobile Networks

Recently, there has been a rise in cyber criminals who are deceiving mobile users to part with access codes and other personal information. In a study, a prototype scam detector was developed that could automatically scan through SMS messages and determine whether they are spam or not and then take necessary actions. How successful was the scam detector? 

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Top 5 downloaded articles of June 2020

Summer 2020 will look different for most of us: no shoulder to shoulder at a crowded concert or flying on a tightly packed aeroplane! But not everything has to be different. One beloved summer pastime remains as available and accessible, and that’s summer reading! Why not use this time to expand your mind with the top downloaded e-books and articles by our Zendy users?

Portrait of Jane Austen

1) Jane Austen: Emma

Possibly one of the most beloved of Austen’s six novels next to ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Emma’ is a book entirely dominated by the personality of its eponymous heroine. Although we may all be in love with Mr. Darcy first and foremost, we all want to be Emma! This e-book offers a close reading of the text, setting it in the context of Jane Austen’s life, times and literary heritage.

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Child playing with scattered alphabets

2) Translating research findings in genetics of learning disabilities to special education instruction

Over the past few years, a remarkable shift has taken place in the role of genetics in special education. This study outlines advances in our understanding of genetic influences on learning disabilities. Although learning disabilities are highly genetic, do environmental factors play an important role? What misunderstandings about the gene-environment correlation exist in special education? 

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White boats leaded by a blue boat

3) Team leadership: Theories, tools and techniques

Wondering how your team can be more productive and efficient? Then ‘Team Leadership’ is the e-book for you! It brings together theories and research on team development, team functioning, managing teams, team growth and more. What tools and techniques can be used to raise the performance levels of teams and help them to function optimally? 

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Hands of a man on a laptop

4) A nurse’s step by-step guide to writing a dissertation or scholarly project

Feeling overwhelmed by the mere thought of writing your dissertation or scholarly project? Wondering how to begin and where to find the time? You are not alone! Earning your advanced degree is an extraordinary accomplishment, but completing those final stages can be a daunting task. Packed with practical steps and tools, this e-book will help you plan, document, organise, and write your dissertation or scholarly project.

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Bioclimatic building with interesting architecture

5) Energy efficient design optimisation of a bioclimatic house

This study aimed to find the most efficient and low cost of solutions to reduce the energy consumption of a busy house in Algeria, while guaranteeing thermal comfort. How can we optimise energy efficiency and carbon emissions during building design? Is there a possible solution for retrofitting a building to minimise its energy consumption? 

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Top 5 downloaded articles of May 2020

Want to spice up your to be read (TBR) with some exciting articles and e-books? Whether you’re looking for your next great idea or read, you’re in luck, because here are the top downloaded articles in May by our Zendy Plus users: 

Hands of different ethnicities pictured together.

1) Skin: A natural history 

Given the importance of our skin and the functions it performs; it is striking that relatively few scientists study its evolution. This e-book begins with a look at the skin’s structure and functions and then tours its evolution, delving into such topics as the importance of touch and how the skin reflects and affects emotions.

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The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

2) Hollywood is everywhere: Global directors in the blockbuster era 

Today, as the film industry is ever more global, the people who make blockbuster movies seemingly reflect this tradition, hailing from many countries across the world. This e-book offers a scrupulously detailed discussion of the transnationalisation of Hollywood and the histories and geographies of its global directors. 

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A lab professional working with chemicals and other substances.

3) Adsorption technology and design 

Adsorption is of considerable industrial importance and is a major part of many different processes throughout the chemical and process industries. The aim of this e-book is to provide all those involved in designing and running adsorption processes with a straightforward guide to the essentials of adsorption technology and design.

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Two kids reading an old book.

4) Literature – a mode to improve critical thinking skills

Critical thinking plays a major role in the new knowledge era and one of the most efficient ways of improving critical thinking skills is through reading literature. Using Toro Dutt’s “The Lotus” poem, this paper focuses on how reading a literary text can enhance thinking skills.

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An offshore oil drilling machine.

5) The Paradox of Plenty: Oil booms and petro-states

“The Paradox of Plenty” explains why, in the midst of two massive oil booms in the 1970s, oil-exporting governments as different as Venezuela, Iran, Nigeria, Algeria, and Indonesia chose common development paths and suffered similar outcomes.

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Top 5 downloaded articles of April 2020

Are you looking for page-turning, conversation-starting academic literature? No matter what kind of scholarly articles and books tickle your fancy, you’ll find plenty to choose from on Zendy! Here are April’s top downloaded articles and eBooks by our Zendy Plus users: 

A design of the spine, head and neck.

1) Botulinum neurotoxin for head and neck disorders

This eBook offers otolaryngologists, neurologists, pain specialists, and others a guide to the management of motor, sensory and autonomic disorders of the head and neck region with botulinum neurotoxin. It covers treatment methods for conditions ranging from hyper-functional motor disorders to afferent pain disorders.

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2) Beyond Silicon Valley: How start-ups succeed in unlikely places

Technology start-ups typically become successful by using injections of capital to grow as rapidly as possible and tolerating high risk in a rush for market domination. Entrepreneurs far from superstar innovation cities demonstrate that start-ups can achieve outsize success by following a different path. Wondering what path that would be? 

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Line drawing of information exchange between two human heads.

3) New media language

“New Media Language” is an essential read, bringing leading media figures and scholars together to debate the shifting relations between today’s media and contemporary language. This eBook investigates how developments in world media have affected, and been affected by language.

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A collage of ad graphics.

4) Advertising culture and translation: From colonial to global

This eBook is a comprehensive study combining and integrating advertising, culture and translation within the framework of colonial, postcolonial studies, and globalisation. It addresses several issues evident in two relatively young disciplines, as a result of decades of research and teaching in university courses. 

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A garden maze.

5) The uncanny and the fairy tale in Kubrick’s The Shining

The “Literature Film Quarterly” is the longest-standing journal of international adaptation studies. This article takes a psychoanalytical approach to discuss the tensions between father, mother, and child in the motion picture “The Shining,” directed by Stanley Kubrick. It also explores the Freudian concepts which are present in the film.

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Permanent links now available for all articles on Zendy!

Did you know you could copy article links by clicking on the paper clip icon next to the article title, as shown below?

An article snippet from Zendy.

This feature, which was only available for a few articles previously, has now been made available across all articles on Zendy! You can also share this copied link via email or on social media to let others (if they are also a Zendy user and the content is accessible in their country) easily access the link or save the link in a document for your own future use. Do note that due to this sitewide update, all links for articles that you may have previously copied are now redirecting to a new URL. 

How to retrieve the updated URL for the previously copied links?

One way is to copy the ISBN/ISSN in your old article URL and paste it in the search field in Zendy and then search using the ISBN/ISSN filter. To find the ISBN/ISSN, see the below sample URL in which it has been made bold:

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Hope you find this new feature useful on your journey of discovery!


Top 5 downloaded articles of March 2020

Zendy is a one-stop destination for access to academic literature covering an exciting range of topics such as engineering, medicine, technology, and more! For those with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, why not delve into the top downloaded articles by our Zendy Plus users?

A baby sleeping on a white sheet.

1) Sleep medicine

Sleep is an activity that is exhibited by virtually all animal species, but our understanding of its true function remains unclear. What is better understood are the effects on a range of human and animal biological systems when sleep is degraded or reduced. These effects are observed in the form of sleep loss and sleep disorders. This eBook describes the basic physiology of sleep and the range of sleep disorders and their consequences.

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Stack of antique books.

2) Ethos and narrative interpretation: The negotiation of values in fiction

“Ethos and Narrative Interpretation” examines the fruitfulness of the concept of ethos for the theory and analysis of literary narrative. The notion of ethos refers to the broadly persuasive effects of the image one may have of a speaker’s psychology, world view, and emotional or ethical stance. How and why do readers attribute an ethos to literary characters, narrators, and even to authors?

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crumpled pieces of paper and a lightbulb.

3) Emergent success factors for entrepreneurial e-media companies

The study investigates the factors that positively influence the efficacy of e-media business models. Taking into consideration the existing literature that mentions the ineffectiveness of the subscription model, it attempts to investigate new factors that contribute to the success of e-media business models. These factors are specific content, innovation, multiple revenue sources, interactivity and media brand communities.

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Line drawing of two mean talking to each other.

4) The discourse studies reader: Main currents in theory and analysis

Discourse studies is an interdisciplinary field studying the social production of meaning across the entire spectrum of the social sciences and humanities. The “Discourse Studies Reader” brings together 40 key readings from discourse researchers in Europe and North America, some of which are now translated into English for the first time.

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The Eiffel Tower amongst buildings.

5) The internationalization of commercial real estate markets in France and Germany

This paper investigates the internationalization of the commercial real estate markets of France and Germany, which are typically ignored in comparative political economy. Although both markets are embedded in Continental European capitalism, their trajectories of internationalization vary. Exploring processes of internationalization, it also shows how these processes have played out in the commercial real estate markets of France and Germany.

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The buzzworthy backstory of Zendy’s new look!

Closeup of a bee on a sunflower.

Zendy has a beautiful new look that went live in March – the month of reading! The vibrant new design reflects Zendy’s personality aptly and promises a smoother journey for the user.

As you may have noticed, Zendy’s new look revolves around a bee. What inspired us to go with the bee?

Bees have fascinated researchers for decades. They have excellent communication and social learning skills and are capable of incredibly complex behaviors. Pollinating bees are one of the vital reasons behind flourishing plant communities, agricultural production, carbon cycling, and many other essential services to our environment that we often fail to notice.

Similarly, Zendy’s purpose is to foster communication and encourage collaborative efforts among researchers and leaders worldwide. With more than 120,000 publications, Zendy is on track with its goal to pollinate the world with knowledge and become the ultimate digital library!

Sign up today and stay tuned for a dose of Zendy’s nectar of knowledge!